LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

2019: mast step compression

    The mast support on the B27 depends on the interior layout. The dinette model uses the "Bristol" style of mast support (also used on the B29, B30 and some other first gen models) that employs the head door frame as an arch support for the mast. The B27 cabin style that has opposing seatees uses the "Pearson" style of a support arch built into the the underside of the cabintop and using the two forward (head and hanging locker) bulkheads for vertical support. This arch style was common in early Pearsons including the Triton. Whichever style you have, if your mast is similar to the B29's mast it has an open masthead, allowing rain water to run down the inside of the mast and eventually rot the support system. You should also inspect under the cabin sole where the mast supports (either style) tie into the floors of the keel. The movement is coming from one or the other area.

Repair / Shore Up: